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When it comes to controversial topics in the media and everyday life, not many cause as much negative reaction as
firearms.......this has to change.

Many people are intrigued by firearms but their lack of knowledge, training and personal experiences causes fear.

The numerous accounts and reports of gun violence and gun mis-use are at an all time high and beyond disturbing
to say the least, which is why more than ever it is essential to show that guns are not the all
depends on the person using them.

We see guns being portrayed in the media, being used by celebrities in movies and on television shows but what
we don’t see is them being used in the right way.

This show will feature celebrities from all genres who are not only firearms enthusiasts and responsible owners
but they have a true passion for firearms and understand the importance of proper TRAINING, EDUCATION and
SAFETY. Along with showing the proper use of firearms, these celebrities will compete in a wide range of shooting
activities overseen by three firearms experts with varying different training backgrounds....military, government,
and law enforcement.

We will bring you a closer look at firearms in a safe and entertaining way that not only allows the viewer to be
entertained but also the celebrity.

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