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Boxing is one of the oldest known sports today.  Its earliest history can be documented from 3000 BC in Egypt, to the Olympic Sport of pugilism in ancient Greece, to our modern understanding of the "sweet science" of boxing.  Prizefighters are known to be  some of the most physically well-conditioned athletes on the planet.  Boxers undergo grueling training to get into top shape.  Early morning runs, hours spent sparring, weightlifting, and maintaining a strict diet become second nature as they prepare to step in the ring.

Many of us are familiar with what boxers go through physically to excel in their sport.  But what do they possess mentally that keeps them focused?  The Mind of a Champion is a 5-part series that takes a deep dive into the psychology of 8 world titleholder fighters from different backgrounds, decades, and weight classes.  Trained psychologists will analyze the similarities between these individual's mentality, habits, beliefs, and practices.  Not only will the docuseries interview elite fighters, but their trainers, managers, and promoters will chime in and give their perspective on what mental characteristics make them CHAMPIONS.

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